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South-America to North-America is CN WorldWide’s fastest growing trade-lane. With our own office in Brazil and multiple offices in North America, CNWW has established a regular base of satisfied customers. CNWW has excellent relationships with carriers and the experience to meet your business needs.

Whether you are shipping granite to Western Canada, auto parts to the Midwest, or sending products to Eastern Canada, we have your solution. Our international shipping expertise and reliable service can help you ship with confidence and capitalize on market opportunities in Brazil and North America.

CN WorldWide is a reliable transportation provider from Brazil

CN Worldwide offers:
•   An extensive North American rail network and access to key ports on the east coast, as well as the Gulf coast
•   Direct connections through the Port of New Orleans provide the fastest transit times to Western Canada
•   Access to Eastern Canadian markets via the Port of Montreal and Halifax
•   Access to East Coast consumer markets in the U.S. heartland via U.S. East Coast ports
•   Rail network in North America that is positioned close to the largest number of receivers
•   The right equipment and infrastructure to transport your products
•   A proven track record as North America's scheduled railroad serving Canada, the U.S. and Mexico
•   Transportation and market expertise, including supply chain logistics

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With a CN WorldWide office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we offer an extension of CN's services and can help connect you to a wealth of import and export opportunities. Get in touch with us today.

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