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Safety and Environment

We, at CN WorldWide, are truly committed to responsible operations everywhere we do business. This is embedded in our culture and rigorously carried out through our safety and environmental practices. 

Instead of a long list of abstract safety and environmental guidelines, we follow a simple yet powerful set of actions in our daily operations: 

• Always, everywhere and forever, strictly adhere to our safety and environmental rules for the well-being of everyone around us.

• Repeatedly confirm our 100% commitment to safety and the environment as our first priority. We must demonstrate it daily through our personal actions.

• Never let anyone around us compromise his or her safe and environment-friendly work practices.

• Ensure a secure environment by removing uncertainty from our operations and strive for greater predictability in our processes.

• Focus on prevention with regular safety and environment audits. Keep a keen eye on housekeeping: tools left on the floor, wires underfoot, all forms of waste.

• Analyze and learn from every near miss or potential environmental hazard.

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